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Repair Shop

Luthier Steve Lamb


Luthier Steve Lamb has been providing quality instrument repair in Fort Worth for over 30 years. Steve’s years of experience has provided musicians, collectors, students and friends the information and service necessary to keep their instruments in shape. Lamb’s Music is an authorized service/warranty center for most guitar manufacturers including – Fender, Gibson, Martin, Taylor and more.


Our staff of trained and very experienced techs can tackle any of your guitar repair and customization needs. Everything from restring to refurbish.















* Restring

* Setup – (adjust action, clean and condition fretboard, clean frets, set intonation, restring, tune and polish). 

* Neck Adjustment

* Fret Work

* Nut and/or Bridge Work

* Refinish

* Structural Repair



Here is an Epiphone Acoustic with a broken headstock repaired.

Epiphone Acoustic Head Break Epiphone Head Break Repair Epiphone Head Front Broken Headstock Repaired


Repaired back on an older Gibson Acoustic.

Gibson Acoustic Broken Back Gibson J45 Broken Back and Sides Gibson J45 Repaired Back Gibson Acoustic Guitar Repair Fort Worth